After you have made your initial inquiry, we will give you a call back within 48 hours.
 We would like to know what you are hoping to achieve with your plans. We is access your property for you by using the information freely available in the
 public domain, and our industry experience, and then offer you some suggestions of what we believe you could do. We don’t charge for this assessment time on the phone


If your project looks possible, and you would like us to work with you, we can meet you at your property and spend time getting to know you and finding out 
 more of your plans. At this meeting, we will give you a better understanding of your possible costs and ask you if you would like to get your project started. 
 This is a one-off cost for us to visit your site, however, if you decide to proceed with your project within seven days, this fee is waived. 

Once we have a contract together, we will co-ordinate all the relevant specialists and trades and get started on your project. E.g. Surveyor, CCTV, Drainage Engineers, 
 Geo-tech Engineer, and the Architect to name a few of the main ones... This can take about 1-3 mths. The time lines are very subject to what needs to be completed and who we need 
 to involve in the process.

Through this design stage, we would normally have completed all the investigations and designing that your project needs and have plans ready to apply for your various local 
 authority consents.


Unfortunately, the process isn't complete without paying to the council, their Fees, Levies and Contributions and in turn, gaining their permission to complete your project. 
 These come in various categories... such as:

Resource Consent Fees and or Land use Consents

Watercare Infrastructure Growth Charges

Council Development Contributions

Inspection / Compliance Fees / Roading deposits and or Bonds

They will issue them to us as the project progresses. The total cost of this will vary for each project as it will be based on your specific project, what services you need from the council and what you ultimately do with your sites. We can provide you with a cost estimate once we have completed the preliminary consenting stages and have some plans to work from.


Using the plans & reports from your Consent process, we will provide you with a price to carry out the civil work that the consent approval requires.
The civil works can include everything from new drains and manholes, to new driveways and the demolition of existing buildings on site.
Also, large scale excavation of sloping sites and / or the construction of retaining walls etc.
This can take as little as a few days or be a few months’ work. The time lines are very subject to what needs to be completed and who we may need to include in the process.


When all of the necessary Planning, Consenting, Civil works and construction are complete, we can then apply for your Compliance Certificates and present you with your completed project. Obviously, there is a lot of work that we will do for you behind the scenes, but we try to keep things simple for you and involve you as much or as little as you want us to.
The expected time frame for your project will depend on your project. We can give you a reasonable time line after our initial site visit and feasibility assessment.
Whilst it is in the hands of the council / government departments, or your lawyers if we are doing a subdivision for you, it's simply a waiting game...
Once you have paid all outstanding amounts to us and any necessary Council Fees and Contributions, we are done. 
Your project will be finished and you will be clear to sell them off or look for tenants to occupy the new dwelling(s)